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A crypto wallet & Web3 layer for the XRPL

GemWallet is a web extension that enables you to make fast payments on the XRP Ledger via your browser. It's a safer alternative to copying and pasting private keys for use with web applications.

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Our top features you will enjoy the most

GemWallet has everything you need to shine on the XRPL

Easy to Use

GemWallet is designed from the ground up to be easy to use.


Your data is securely encrypted. GemWallet never has access to your funds. Ever.

Developer ecosystem

With GemWallet APIs it never has been that easy to integrate the XRPL on the web.


GemWallet doesn't track any personal identifiable information, your account addresses, or asset balances.

Own your data

No one has access to your master password, keys or the data stored on your device, except you. Not even GemWallet.

Fast and secure payment

GemWallet is using the XRP Ledger to make international payments secure in less than 5 seconds.